John and Mary Music Ministries


For booking or other information, contact:

1924 E. Anderson Dr
Phoenix, AZ 85022



John and Mary Music Ministries include concerts, worship services, workshops, as well as their recordings . Hearing them personally gives insight into their deep commitment; but even in their concerts, one is not as overwhelmed with the Gigers themselves as with the fact that God is enabling two finely-tuned vessels fit for His use. It is their constant desire to be used to strengthen and comfort the people of God, and point to Christ as both Savior and Lord of Life.

Past ministries include:

  • Moody Founders Week
  • the National Christian Booksellers Association Convention
  • MUSICalifornia
  • Evangelistic Crusades with Bill Glass
  • the Congress on Biblical Inerrancy
  • National Religious Broadcasters Convention

Please contact them using the information at the left for details, brochures, and specific ideas about how their ministries might best serve your needs.

Possibilities for the Gigers to minister in your area include:

  • Sacred concerts - in supplement or addition to worship service.
  • Choral Workshops - an uplifting experience for your choir, of learning, singing and worshiping with John and Mary.
  • Sweetheart Dinner Concert - a special Valentine's Day treat for couples young and old.
  • Holiday Concerts - including Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
  • Broadway Reviews - bring families together for a night of wholesome entertainment.




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