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Endorsements and Reviews

"The Gigers are a rare, vanishing breed: high-quality music sung with confidence, competence, and elegance. Rather than simply entertaining, they prompt worship. Instead of occupying the limelight, they redirect attention to the Lamb. If it is a ministry of music you're hungry for, it's John and Mary you're looking for. Their music still rings in my ears.

With loud applause,
Charles R. Swindoll

"The psalmist writes...'make His praise glorious.' This is what John and Mary Giger do so well with their great voices and warm hearts. Hearing them sing is an exciting and enriching experience."

Composer - John W. Peterson

"John and Mary Giger would be a tremendous addition and source of inspiration to any public meeting... Their spirit is genuinely Christian... I can recommend them with one-hundred percent confidence."

Pastor, People's Church, Toronto, Ontario - Dr. Paul Smith

"Excellence dedicated to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ... Their vocal quality, the product of trained talent, and their personal commitment to Christ were clearly evidenced."

Jackson Center for Evangelism and Encouragement - Dr. Richard A. Jackson


More endorsements, from religious leaders and pastors of many denominations, are available upon request.



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